OKI Cyan Image Drum for C7100/C7300/C7500 Series Type C4


OKI Sku: 41962803


OKI Cyan Image Drum for C7100/C7300/C7500 Series Type C4

Life expectancy of up to 30,000 pages, continuous at print 5% density.

90 day limited warranty

Compatible With:

• C7300 Digital LED Color Printer
• C7300, 230V (English)
• C7300N Digital LED Color Printer
• C7300N, 230V (English)
• C7300DXN Digital LED Color Printer
• C7300DXN, 230V (English)
• C7500N Digital LED Color Printer
• C7500N, 230V (English)
• C7500DXN Digital LED Color Printer
• C7500DXN, 230V (English)
• C7100 Digital LED Color Printer
• C7100n Digital LED Color Printer - Web Exclusive!
• C7300 Color LED Printer
• C7300n Color LED Printer
• C7300dxn Color LED Printer
• C7500n Color LED Printer
• C7500dxn Color LED Printer
• C7350n Color LED Printer
• C7350hdn Color LED Printer
• C7550n Color LED Printer
• C7550hdn Color LED Printer

Additional information

Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 12.5 × 5.5 in


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